What is a seasonal lease?

A seasonal lease is governed by a rental contract for a furnished house for a fixed term (maximum 90 days). It is freely negotiated for the sum of the lease as well as for the duration. Discover : . Requirements, position in the area and a description of the premises must be included in the arrangement. There are different types of seasonal leases: furnished tourist accommodation, primary and secondary residences that can be rented.

Why choose rental investment?

Owners with real estate assets in a tourist area can benefit from many advantages of seasonal rentals. Advantageous tax system, higher altitude, possibility to make the most of the accommodation for yourself..... A real Eldorado holiday rental, for owners guarantee a high return on their real estate assets. In fact, in tourist regions, a week's leasing can offer the equivalent of a month's worth of classic rentals. If you are seduced by this type of lease, you should know that it also offers great flexibility in terms of management: no rent control, no minimum contract duration... But it is wise not to inflate rates too abnormally: too expensive a rent could frighten you holidaymakers in the competition. Find out about the prices and services available in the area of the apartment for rent and look for a balance.

Buy apartment house by the sea

Buying a house or apartment at the beach is a dream for many... and will represent an interesting rental investment. The first thing to understand: an investment is seasonal. This will cover a lot during the summer, but yields could fall in the fall and winter... a seasonal feature that could be offset by an investment in a bonded rental home. To limit the vacancy rate (i.e. the time during which the house or apartment is not rented), it is ideal to target highly tourist areas, such as the French Riviera, the Atlantic coast and even the Normandy coast. Once the region has been chosen, it is preferable to favour agglomerations of a certain size. Second choice criterion: proximity to the beach. Rather than having to travel by car, for holidaymakers, it is much more pleasant to have the ability to reach the sea.

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